Alexandria Lawyer and Elder Law Attorney

Joy Chambers is an Attorney at Law with both legal and psychiatric training. She has been practicing law for over 30 years, and specializes in wills, probate, guardianships and problems of seniors. She was a Visiting Researcher at the Harvard Law School and the Harvard Medical School. She received her Law Degree from the George Washington University Law School and her Masters of International Public Policy degree from the Johns Hopkins School of International Public Affairs. She is a Fulbright Senior Specialist and has taught American Family Law at law schools throughout India, Bangladesh and Tajikistan.


TV Personality

Joy produces and hosts a weekly cable tv show “Maturity.” She often appears on CNN headline new and other broadcasts discussing current legal and artistic events.


Joy founded a boutique law firm specializing in trusts and estates and problems of seniors and artists. She was educated at Harvard and George Washington Law Schools as well as Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Affairs. She teaches law in the DC area as well as internationally. 


Joy, in response to 9/11 and in cooperation with the American Bar Association, wrote the best selling book “The Easy Will and Living Will Kit.” She is regularly published in the academic press and art-related periodicals. 


Joy has covered jazz festivals all over the world as a member of the working press. Her photographs and articles have appeared in many jazz magazines. She curates jazz photography and modern painting art exhibits.

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VA Power of Attorney: Living Wills, Disability Planning & Arts Law

Joy, an Alexandria, Virginia attorney, specializes in drafting Virginia wills and trusts, disability planning, Virginia power of attorneys, elder law and arts law...

Joys best-selling book, The Easy Will and Living Will Kit, written in cooperation with the American Bar Association, although penned by an Alexandria lawyer, contains information on living wills, power of attorneys, disability planning, arts law and elder law in Virginia.

Virginia Elder Law Attorney

Joy is also a respected elder law attorney. Her work in elder law of Virginia consists of drafting Virginia wills and trusts, Virginia power of attorney, living wills and disability planning.

Alexandria Lawyer: Arts Law

Her arts law Alexander lawyer practice consists of drafting Virginia wills and trusts, Virginia powers of attorney, living wills, disability planning and elder law. She produces and hosts the television show, Maturity, which highlights her work as an Alexandria lawyer and Virginia power of attorney. This elder law attorney has also provided a PDF copy of a living will.